It is imperative that organizations hire the best – the first time. Our psychological assessments provide critical information about candidate suitability that is difficult to obtain in any other way.

Individual Assessment

Levels of Assessment:  Three levels of psychometric assessment are provided by BL Associates, differing in their foci, time commitment, shelf-life, and cost.

  • Level 2: C-suite level; senior management
  • Level 1: Junior-middle management leadership roles and/or individual contributor roles
  • Development Assessment: High potentials preparing to take on more responsibility; struggling employees looking to improve

Group Firefighter Assessment

Large group psychometric assessments designed specifically for firefighters.

Executive Coaching

Confidential individual executive coaching sessions for leaders, managers and key personnel with a corporate psychologist to review strategies for optimizing their own personal growth and performance.

What is psychometric testing?
The term “psychometric” comes from a combination of the Greek word psyche (“mind”) and the English word metric (“a standard system of measurement”); the word literally means “mind measurement.” A psychometric test, then, is a test used to measure a quality, state, or process of the mind.

Ethical Standards
We believe that all candidate assessments must be conducted confidentially and objectively. To deliver on this, our services conform to the ethical practice standards of the Canadian Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, and the College of Psychologists of British Columbia.