Founded in 1984, BL Associates Corporate Psychologists Inc. has served as Corporate Psychologists in British Columbia and across Canada. During that time, we have conducted thousands of assessments of candidates for management positions — from first-line supervisors to C-suite executives.

It is critical to hire the best — the first time. Our psychological assessments provide key information about candidate suitability that is difficult to obtain in any other way.  In addition to job-related strengths and development needs, our assessments can validate impressions made during interviews, pinpoint areas that need to be investigated further, and identify candidate qualities and characteristics that would not otherwise come to light.


BLA Statement: At BLA we stand against racism and all forms of hate crimes. Racism is a major impediment for a healthy and diverse workforce. BLA supports efforts to research racism in organizations, to promote fair selection and employment practices, and to create safe environments for all people. It is important to have a shared understanding of how racism affects people at work, and what we can do about it. I-O psychology has the potential to champion further contributions to our understanding and treatment of racism at work.  We do not wish to merely witness the problem, but to tackle it head on. We are psychologists. We care about people.