All of the such as for instance circumstances shall be looked after because significantly less than :-

(e) Rail servants that happen to be provided get better for the design off family (and acquisition of suitable homes with the aim) do not fall into the right position to handle the true construction of the home after they provides drawn the original instalment off loan and you can purchased brand new parcel to own design regarding properties, ount due from their store much more than you to repayment.

(i) As soon as it will become identified you to definitely on account of things beyond the brand new command over the us government servant worried, it would not be possible for your to manage structure of the house, the guy will be asked so you’re able to refund the whole amount taken of the him also demand for that swelling-contribution, as regulations don’t contemplate this new offer out-of financing guidance into the purchase of homes simply.

(ii) If the brand new Ministry or Direct of the Company is met that the individuals concerned aren’t able to pay off the loan amount due in one instalment, they may allow at the their discretion the new recovery of count additionally the accrued demand for suitable installment payments each of which really should not be below 33 per cent of one’s individuals earliest spend a deeper reputation would be imposed to your effect that in case this new plot of land ordered by individuals is sold-out because of the your, the brand new revenue continues would be to very first be properly used to pay off off the amount because of Bodies for the go out, out-of marketing in one single swelling-contribution.

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